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img_0395Union, New Jersey is home to some of the finest monuments ever made. These sensational devotions have had some truly brilliant minds behind them but in truth all of the credit goes to the hearts of those who carry the burden of remembrance. By devoting a monument to someone’s life you are making their impact last eternally. Perhaps this is why the duty of planning a monument is so meaningful, because you are attempting to do justice to the entire life of whomever was lost. Before assuming which choice is appropriate its worth researching the different types of monuments available.

If modesty is one of your key attributes a Marker may be the best choice for you. These coy monuments square or rectangle shaped and made of granite or bronze. Granite is chosen more commonly because it is more reliable than other bases. Bronze is considered reliable as well but is primarily chosen for its noble appearance. Monuments in either of these of materials can be produced in different colors although bronze is not quite as versatile. Ordinarily, markers are made to display any important information, and pictures regarding the internment.

When applying pictures or text there are three main methods that are used. Etching used to be a by hand method of putting imagery onto stone. Today with the help of advancements in technology etching is mostly done by lasers for accuracy. Inscription is similar to etching and normally done by hand, this process is normally done in order to display the lifespan of the internment. Lastly, sand blasting is a special process that is used to carve images into granite or bronze. During this process it is possible to blast the picture in so that it is raised off the base or pushed in. Either way this process always creates an extraordinary result.

Devoting a monument is one of the respectful ways to show to those who are lost. Call Jan-Dowd Memorial today so that we can ease any concerns you may have regarding this tremendous task.