Memorials In Union, NJ

Marking the death of a loved one is a tremendous task. Truthfully, we never recover from the loss of a loved one, we simply learn to live with it a little bit better each day. Broadly speaking there are many different ways to pay respects to those who have passed on. One of the most respected methods is the construction of a memorial. It’s a common misconception that memorials are only for firefighters, police officers, those in the military, or officials. A memorial is exactly what you give to someone who has lived a proud, and honorable life.

When deciding to craft a memorial the first question to answer is which material will be usedc as the base. The two most commonly used bases are granite and bronze. Granite is chosen because it is able to endure intense weather conditions and is known to require very minuscule maintenance. Bronze is chosen because it is pleasing to the eye with shine unmatched. However, bronze is not quite as durable as granite and often suffers from oxidation. These effects can be reversed easily however with maintenance. The next thing to consider is what kind of design you want the memorial to have. There are many different types of headstones, plaques, cremation urns, markers, and models for a memorial so there will be no shortage of choices. Arguably, the most creative aspect of designing the memorial is choosing what you want to be displayed. Most memorials have the lifespan and the name listed but it is not uncommon to want more displayed. At Jan-Dowd Monument there are hundreds of unique lettering styles to be chosen from. We have everything from simple scripts, prints, and delicate calligraphies available for your choosing. Additionally, we can etch, sand blast, or inscribe any imagery you have in mind onto the base of the memorial.

All in all, these choices are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to paying homage, call Jan-Dowd Monument today so we can discuss what you are looking for.