Mausoleums In Union, NJ

The word mausoleum dates back to approximately 353 B.C. and references a small building that is shrine like in nature. In fact the mausoleum for King Mausolus is recorded today as being the first of its kind and currently holds its spot as being the fifth wonder of the world. With this reputation behind mausoleums it’s easy to see why they are regarded with such an affinity for nobility. In today’s day and age however these distinct monuments have become readily available to the public. Before you choose to take on a Mausoleum its worth understanding some basic facts surrounding them.

The average mausoleum can be used as a burial site for twelve or more. Usually, these burial sites are above ground however, occasionally they may be constructed in ground. Mausoleums are a popular choice for families because they can be together even after passing on. These structures allow the greatest sense of creativity and expression in order to properly commemorate the life of an individual(s). The reason behind this concept is that Mausoleums have interiors and exteriors that allow for immense amounts of expression as opposed to a normal monument. Granite is the number once choice for a base for mausoleums however, bronze highlights and plaques are often added. Many have said that the true value of these massive monuments is the value associated with privacy and development. By having this second home to visit your friend or family member you will be capable of achieving higher plateaus of development in handling the loss. Union, NJ is home to some of the most elegant mausoleums if you are considering this option for your family call Jan-Dowd Monument so that we may assist you.