Bronze Plaques Dealer In Union, NJ

scan26Although there are plenty of different monument designs ranging from massive mausoleums to small markers there is one method of recognition that is always an honor. Bronze plaques will commonly be used as an addition to larger monuments, markers, headstones, memorials, and mausoleums. However. It’s equally as common for such magnificent additions to be used standalone as monuments. Bronze is known to be quite strong and can survive all the varying weather conditions of Union, NJ. The biggest problem with bronze is its weakness to oxidation. The long term results of oxidation can be prevented with proper maintenance. At Jan-Dowd Memorial in Union, NJ we can construct your bronze plaque in any shape or size. The next step would be to decide whether or not you would like a pattern, or border surrounding the edges of the plaque. The most popular borders are differing designs of floral patterns.

When it comes to choosing the text written on the plaque its important that you know Jan-Dowd Memorial can display your text inscan35 hundreds of different typographies accompanied by any pictures which may be relevant to you.  These plaques will be placed just barely off of the ground and are usually tilted so that they may reflect light as beautifully as possible. If you are considering a Bronze Plaque in Union, NJ call Jan-Dowd Memorial today so that we can offer you answers to any questions you may have.